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1) Indicator with BUY/SELL

CCI Arrows ( source: free from the web)

CCI Arrows MetaTrader indicator — will show you where the CCI cross with the zero occur (marking it with the red or blue arrow) to help you decide whether to go short or long. It has a minimal lag and a relatively high accuracy. This simple indicator is a good choice for those traders that prefer to keep it simple and hate complex indicators. The indicator is available in MT4 and MT5 versions.

Input parameters:

  • CCI_Period (default = 14) — the period of the CCI that is used in this indicator. The higher is the value the more lags this indicator but less false signals occur.

 As you can see, this indicator gives direct signals for buy (blue arrow pointing up) and sell (red arrow pointing down). You should know that you do NOT enter the trade if the signal is contradicting the current general trend. If it's uptrend and you get a blue arrow — go long, if you get a red arrow — do nothing (just close your long position if you had one open); if it's downtrend and you get blue arrow — close short position but don't go long, if you get red arrow — go short; if chart goes sideways and you get blue or red arrow — feel free to go long or short respectively. I recommend setting your stop-loss directly at the level where the arrow is drawn (it's displayed if you point your mouse at it). I also recommend using trailing stop with this indicator.


CCI Arrows for MetaTrader 4 in .zip

2) 'Currency Ring'
100% Free Interesting Trading Strategy ( source: available for free on the web )
This is a trading method which has been around for some time now. Many people have
reported good success rate with it. In this method, we are going to trade 3 pair at the same
time, the 3 pairs together form what we call a 'Currency Ring'. The main property of a
Currency Ring is that, altogether, they share the same number of currencies. The most
popular rings are as follows:
As you can see above, each ring consists of 3 pairs. What you should also note is that each
ring consists of 3 currencies. For example, if we take the following ring:
We can see that we have 3 currencies present in this ring namely GBP, CHF and JPY. Now
when we are buying the GBP/CHF and the GBP/JPY, we are infact also buying the cross pair
CHF/JPY as well.. So, we have to actually also open a buy position on the CHF/JPY pair as
well to stabilise the account.
For example:
1. You buy 1 lot GBP/JPY
2. You buy 1 lot GBP/CHF
3. You also have to buy 0.8 lots of CHF/JPY in order to stabilise the accounts
After we have done this, we wait for the currencies to move and when we decide to take
some profits, we close all the orders altogether. The aim is not to make profits from each
individual trades, but to make an overall profit from all the 3 trades together...
You should use the ADR, Average Daily Range indicator to know how much the pair has
already moved before entering into the trades. You dont want to trade a currency ring when
all the 3 pairs has already move beyond their 75% daily range... The best spot is when the
currencies has moves 25% of the daily range, then you open your trades and wait for the
currencies to reach the 50%-75% daily range before closing your trades... You should not be
waiting for a fixed profit level to be reached, you should just be satisfied with whatever you
are getting and get out of the trades.
You can use an equity trailing EA which will trail the overall profits on the account. Trailing
the entire account profit is better than trailing individual orders separately.
The best currency ring to trade are those that has the most activity is the GBP/USD, USD/
JPY and GBP/JPY. As you can see, all the 3 currencies present in this ring are the Big
Movers of the market.
It is advised that you trade only 1 currency ring per account as this will decrease undue
drawdown that your balance can suffer with these type of strategies. It is also better in the
sense that you will be able to study the behaviour of each ring separately and may better
assess their performance.
You should always start with very small lots initially... for example, if you have a 10,000usd
account, you can start with 0.10 lots and then increase it as your balance increases.
Compounding your earnings is among the best ways to increase your profits and grow your
I hope that you benefit from all these. Take your time to study and practice the method on a
demo account... A week or so is definitely not enough to get a good feel of the system, so be
patient and enjoy it. Good luck

3) Easy Trend Visualizer Indicator
(source: available for free on some free Forex websites)

Easy Trend Visualizer MetaTrader indicator — this indicator does exactly what its name is telling you. It shows where the trend begins, where it ends and where there is no trend at all. It's based on standard MetaTrader ADX (Average Direction Movement Index) indicators and works quite fast. Easy Trend Visualizer displays itself in the main chart window. Available for MT4 platform.

Input parameters:

  • ADXperiod1 (default = 10) — period of the first ADX indicator.
  • ADXperiod2 (default = 14) — period of the second ADX indicator.
  • ADXperiod3 (default = 20) — period of the third ADX indicator.

You should be warned that this indicator redraws the current bar. So, it's not very wise to enter a position based on the signal of the current bar. Previous bars aren't redrawn and can be used as the safe entry signals. Although Easy Trend Visualizer is quite accurate there are many false signals. But they shouldn't be a real problem since a stop-loss level can minimize losses. You should also exit positions if the trend is over.
Download: Easy Trend Visualizer (ZIP)

If you are looking for a professional highly accurate software.....there is something
that you will be excited see: (Real chart screenshot, arrows and profit!)
<<< click to enlarge
All the "arrow" signals are laser accurate and double-confirmed! You will get a signal
to place a trade by the software only if there is a 99,9% winning chance.

Trust me - it is one of the most amazingly simple and highly profitable buy/sell software
that you can find today- give it a risk free try: http://www.forexsecretprofit.com/

4) There is one 100% very useful tool for your Forex
indicators collection:

FREE Price Alert MetaTrader indicator plays sound alerts when the price reaches certain levels that are set by the trader. There are three types of alerts: first one is used when the price rises above certain level (displayed with the green line on the chart), second one is used when the price falls below certain level (displayed with the red line on the chart), third one is used when the price reaches the certain level exactly (displayed with the yellow line). All alerts turn off when they are triggered and can be turned on again with the new values. If you use e-mail alert feature, don't forget to set the e-mail settings in your MetaTrader platform options window. The indicator is available for both MT4 and MT5.
Input parameters:

    * SoundWhenPriceGoesAbove (default = 0.0) -- if price goes above this value the alert will be triggered.
    * SoundWhenPriceGoesBelow (default = 0.0) -- if price goes below this value the alert will be triggered.
    * SoundWhenPriceIsExactly (default = 0.0) -- if price is exactly at this value the alert is triggered.
    * SendEmail (default = false) -- if true and the correct e-mail settings are set in the MetaTrader options window, the alert is also sent to the set e-mail address.

This indicator can't be used as a trading system and it isn't generating any signals. You can use it whenever you wish to be notified of some new price levels. Then you can use the moment to do whatever you want with the market. You can set the input parameters to zero value if you don't want to use some of them.
(Source: available for free on some free Forex websites)

I hope you will find it useful...

5) Support and Resistance 
Support and Resistance MetaTrader indicator — as the name of this indicator suggests, it displays
the support and resistance levels. It shows them directly on the chart, providing an easy help when you want
to set stop-loss or take-profit level, or when you want to see the next market target. This indicator uses
 the standard MetaTrader Fractals indicator (by Bill Williams' method) and has no changeable input parameters.
The picture says it all. Use the levels marked by the blue dots for support and the levels
 marked by the red dots for resistance. And don't forget that support may become next resistance if breached and vice versa.


Support and Resistance for MetaTader 4 in .zip (mq4)

6)Simple Price Based Trading System
Simple Price Based Forex trading system — an interesting system that was
developed by one of the Forex traders recently. It works for any pair (though, EUR/
USD is recommended) and in all market conditions. No indicators are required to
trade using this system. All you need is the ability to set up the pending orders.
● Position-based trading for any state of the market.
● Trailing stop protects profit.
● Lack of statistical proof.
How to Trade?
1 . Higher timeframe chart is recommended as each trading setup requires some
calculations based on the latest bar.
2 . Key number should be calculated first. It's based on the current price. For the
quotes with 4 digits after a dot the key value is the current price multiplied by
10 and then rounded. For the quotes with 2 digits after a dot the key value is
the current price divided by 10 and the rounded.
3 . Place pending Buy order at Current Price + (2 * Key value).
4 . Place pending Sell order at Current Price - (2 * Key value).
5 . Place stop-loss for pending Buy order at Open Price - (2 * Key value).
6 . Place stop-loss for pending Sell order at Open Price + (2 * Key value).
7 . Take-profit for both orders is calculated similarly to the key value but the
current price should be multiplied by 100 for the quotes with 4 digits after a
dot and shouldn't be divided for the quotes with 2 digits after a dot. In both
cases the values should be rounded.
8 . Trailing stop is also applied to the orders and is set to 2.5 * Key value.
9 . Don't forget to cancel the untriggered orders after the timeframe period ends.
1 0 . If this sounds too complicated, see the example below.
Let's calculate the entry conditions and parameters for an example presented on the
1 . It's a EUR/USD H4 chart.
2 . The current price is 1.4810, the current bar's open price is 1.4832.
3 . There are 4 digits after a dot in the quotes for EUR/USD. That means that the
Key value is calculated as 1.4810 * 10 = 14.8. Rounding it results in 15 pips.
4 . Pending Buy order level is calculated as 1.4810 + (2 * 15) = 1.4840.
5 . Pending Sell order level is calculated as 1.4810 - (2 * 15) = 1.4780.
6 . Stop-loss for pending Buy order is calculated as 1.4832 - (2 * 15) = 1.4802.
7 . Stop-loss for pending Sell order is calculated as 1.4832 + (2 * 15) = 1.4862.
8 . Take-profit for all pending orders is calculated as 1.4810 * 100 = 148.1 or,
after rounding, 148 pips.
9 . Take-profit for pending Buy order is set to 1.4840 + 148 = 1.4988.
1 0 . Take-profit for pending Sell order is set to 1.4780 - 148 = 1.4632.
1 1 . Trailing stop for both orders is set to 2.5 * 15 = 37.5 or, after rounding, 38

7)Carry Trade Strategy
Carry Trade strategy — it's one of the most popular
fundamental Forex trading strategies. It's used not only by the
common retail traders but also by the big hedge funds. The
main principle of the carry trade strategies is to buy currency
with a high interest rate and sell one with a low interest rate.
Such setup offers profit not only from the currency pair's
fluctuations but also from the interest rate difference
(overnight interest rate). This strategy should only be
applied under the normal global economic conditions. You
should never use it during the crisis.
· Long-term profit potential.
· Two sources of profit.
· Works only with the growing global economy.
How to Trade?
1. Choose a currency pair with a rather high positive
interest rate difference (AUD/JPY, NZD/JPY and GBP/
JPY are good historical examples of such pairs).
2. Go Long or Short on the chosen pair, depending on the
direction with the positive overnight interest rate for this
3. Choose moderate position size, so that it would be able
to hold a significant paper loss.
4. Don't set a stop-loss (one of the few Forex trading
strategies, where stop-loss isn't recommended).
5. Wait.
6. When you feel that you earned enough or you expect
some global financial turmoil, close the position.
The example chart depicts a long-term "carry trade" growth of
GBP/JPY from late 2000 till mid 2006. The pound had an
interest rate of about 5% during the period, while the yen had
its rate near zero, resulting in an overnight rate of about 5%,
which is then multiplied by your leverage. With 1:100
leverage it's approximately 2,500% over the whole period.
During the period GBP/JPY also rose by more than 6500 pips.
As you see, the profit potential is simply outstanding.
The problem is that the uptrend ended very fast in 2007 and
traders had little time to react and close the positions. The
carry trade is quite risky and you should be very careful when
deciding to use it.
Use this strategy at your own risk.
8) Best Indicator! 

Paste the indicator into your MT4 experts/indicators folder
Attach the indicator on any chart.
Prefered Pair: EURUSD.
Up trend: When there are 2 consecutive BLUE dots.
Down trend: When there are 2 consecutive RED dots.
Trend change: When the dot changes color.
http://www.karldittmann.com/nonlagdot.ex4 right click SAVE AS...

You can use the indicator to take advantage of new trends and profit from it...
(source - available for free on some forex sources)
------------------THE END -----------------------
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